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Can I set up automatic payments?

Yes. There are a variety of automatic payment options you can combine with your Dollar Bank accounts for even greater convenience.

Automatic Bill Payment

Pay routine bills like your mortgage, insurance or car payment the easy way, have them automatically deducted from your checking account. You tell us the account information, amount and frequency and we’ll set up your payments.

Pay Yourself First

The easiest way to save money is to pay yourself first every month. Instead of paying your bills first and trying to save what is left over, we can help you set money aside before you pay your bills with an automatic transfer into your savings account. You choose the frequency and amount and watch your savings grow.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is fast, safe and convenient. Your pay will be available to you on payday even if you’re on vacation or out sick. So, there is no waiting in line to deposit your paycheck or waiting for it to clear. You can even start earning interest on your pay right away if you’re depositing into an interest-bearing account. Click here for the direct deposit form.

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Need Help?

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