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What are Personal Teller Machines?

For decades, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have offered a convenient, self-service way to do your banking. Dollar Bank also offers Personal Teller Machines (PTMs). These machines represent the next level of personal service. 

A Personal Teller Machine looks like an ATM. The difference is that you can have a real time, face-to-face conversation with a Dollar Bank Personal Teller at the machine. Using video cameras, your image is transmitted to the Personal Teller located at our Customer Service Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Cameras at our Customer Service Center transmit the Personal Teller's image back to you. Sound is carried through built-in speakers and a handset is available when using the machine in the bank lobby. 

How is a Personal Teller Machine different from an ATM?

At a Personal Teller Machine you are interacting face-to-face with a live person, not a machine. The teller can guide you through every step of your transaction and answer questions about your accounts. 

What can I do with a Personal Teller Machine? 

Just about every transaction you can do with a teller inside our branch office can be done at a Personal Teller Machine. You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, cash checks, make loan payments and more. (Generally, cash withdrawals are limited to $2,500.) Personal Teller Machines are unable to update Passbooks or dispense change. If you cash a check that includes change, we will deposit the amount of the change directly into your account and provide the whole dollar amount of the check in cash. 

Is there a fee to use a Personal Teller Machine? 

No, using a Personal Teller Machine is the same as going to the teller window inside the branch office. There are no additional fees.

Is my conversation with a Personal Teller private?

At the drive-thru, you and the Personal Teller can see and hear each other using a video camera with a built-in speaker. Your conversation is just as private as if you were talking to a teller through a speaker at our traditional drive-thru.

At a walk-up PTM, you and the Personal Teller can see and hear each other using a video camera and speaker. Your conversation is just as private as if you were talking to a teller in the branch, but if you prefer greater privacy, there is a handset.  

Are the Personal Tellers Dollar Bank employees?

Yes. All Personal Tellers are Dollar Bank employees, working in our Customer Service Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

Is there a delay when I use a Personal Teller Machine?

No, your account will be updated in real time just as it would inside the branch office or at a traditional drive-thru. If you're unsure about the availability of your money, just ask your Personal Teller during the transaction.

What happens when I cash a check or make a deposit at a Personal Teller Machine? 

Depositing cash or cashing a check at a Personal Teller Machine is as easy as doing it with a teller inside our branch office. There are no envelopes needed, you insert the check or cash directly into the deposit slot. For cash, the machine reads and counts each bill and displays the deposit amount on the screen for verification. 

When depositing or cashing a check, an image of your check will appear on screen. You tell the Personal Teller what you'd like to do next...deposit, receive cash back, etc. Everything is displayed on screen to ensure accuracy. At the end of your transaction, a reduced image of your check is printed on your receipt for proof of the amount deposited.

When is the Personal Teller Machine available?

Our Personal Teller Machines operate Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM. 

Why is Dollar Bank using Personal Teller Machines?

For decades Dollar Bank has been putting technology to work to create a better banking experience for you. Expanding our service by adding Personal Teller Machines provides you with greater convenience, just as when we introduced Online Banking, Text Message Banking and Mobile Apps. You will now be able to do your banking at non-traditional times or experience faster in-branch banking at busy times of the day by accessing a live, remote teller. 

Want more information about the Personal Teller Machines? 

If you have additional questions about this service, please call 1-800-242-BANK (2265) or ask your Dollar Bank Representative. It's just one more way Dollar Bank is working to make banking convenient for you. 

Have you tried our Personal Teller Machines? 

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