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Notable Dollar Bank Customers from the Past

Learn more about some of the remarkable past customers of Dollar Bank! 

James West Arrott/The Arrott Building

Irish immigrant James W. Arrott arrived in America as a youth, obtaining employment as a clerk in Philadelphia. In 1859, at age 24, he moved to Pittsburgh and started an insurance agency. He was instrumental in the operations of several large businesses. Learn more >>

Lois J. Campbell and Margaret Deland

Lois J. Campbell opened two savings accounts at Dollar Bank in December 1861. One was in trust for her nephew, John H. Kerr, age four. The other was in trust for her daughter, Margaretta W. Campbell, also four years old, who grew up to become known as the novelist, Margaret Deland.  Learn more>>

Millie J. Chapman, M.D. (1845 - 1933)

Millie Chapman taught school for twelve years before pursuing a medical career. She earned her degree at the Cleveland Homeopathic Hospital in 1874, then returned to Pennsylvania and set up practice in Pittsburgh. She was one of just three female physicians in the city at that time. Dr. Chapman spent her career tackling one of the terrible scourges of the era -- child mortality. Learn more >>

The Elliotte Sisters

On Wednesday, August 1, 1855, Dollar Bank had been open for business less than two weeks. That day, Ellen K. Elliotte, the bank's first independent female depositor, opened her account with money she was earning as a saleswoman at a retail store in downtown Pittsburgh. Learn more >>

Esteban D. Estrada (1859 - 1939)

Born in Puerto Príncipe, Cuba, Esteban Duque Estrada came to the United States for his college education, earning a degree in civil engineering in 1883 at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. Immediately after graduation, he joined the engineering corps of Juragua Iron Company in Santiago, Cuba. He returned to the United States in 1886 and was appointed assistant inspector of bridges for the Pennsylvania Company, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Learn more >>

John Paul Golden, M.D. (1863 - 1920) 

From humble beginnings, John Paul Golden, M.D. rose to heights of academic and professional distinction. In March 1888, Golden became the first African American to graduate with a medical degree from Western Pennsylvania Medical College, forerunner of University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Learn more >>

Victor Herbert (1859 - 1924)

Although he lived in Pittsburgh for only six years, Victor Herbert's impact on the city's cultural life was significant. He took the reins as conductor of the Pittsburgh Orchestra when the organization was in its infancy, and within six seasons, guided it to a competitive spot as one of the best city orchestras in the country. Learn more >>

George Hetzel (1826-1899)

Acclaimed landscape painter George Hetzel founded the Scalp Level School of artists, inspiring generations of painters to capture on canvas the rugged natural beauty of Southwestern Pennsylvania's hills, streams and forests. Learn more >>

Joseph Horne (1826-1892)

Born in Bedford County, Joseph Horne came to Pittsburgh in 1848, where he took a job as a clerk in Christian Yeager's store on Market Street. Learn more >>

The Kaufmann Family

The Kaufmanns founded one of the most iconic department stores in Pittsburgh.  Several members of the family were Dollar Bank depositors. Kaufmann's Department Store had its roots in a retail enterprise run by four brothers who immigrated to Pittsburgh from Viernheim, Germany. Learn more>>

Tommy Quinn (1864-1932)

Braddock resident Tommy Quinn played professional baseball in the 1880s for the Pittsburgh Alleghenys, forerunner to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Learn more>>

Jane Grey Swisshelm (1815-1884)

Pittsburgh native Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm was one of several children born to Thomas and Mary Cannon. Learn more >>

Benjamin Tucker Tanner (1835 - 1923)

Benjamin Tucker Tanner was born in Pittsburgh on Christmas Day of 1835 to Isabella and Hugh Tanner, an express wagon driver. Learn more >>

Frank W. Very (1852 - 1927)

A native of Salem, Massachusetts, Frank W. Very attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1878, he accepted a position at Allegheny Observatory, assisting renowned astronomer, physicist and inventor Samuel Pierpont Langley. Learn more >>

The Woodson Family

Lewis Woodson (1806-1878) and his wife, Caroline Woodson (1805-1892), were the patriarch and matriarch of one of the most notable African American families in early Pittsburgh. At least ten Woodson family members became Dollar Bank customers before 1900.  Learn more >>

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