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The Dollar Bank Heritage Center is located in downtown Pittsburgh, in the Bank's historical Fourth Avenue Building, which opened in April 1871 and has been continuously owned and operated by Dollar Bank since that time.

The Heritage Center contains displays with vintage banking machines, Dollar Bank advertising through the decades, oil portraits and photographs of the Bank's officers and Trustees, and hand-written ledgers featuring the original signatures of some of the Bank's early depositors.

The Center also provides a glimpse into some of the many ways Dollar Bank has invested in and contributed to the local communities over the years. 

Discover More About Dollar Bank's History and Our Community Involvement!

African American Customers, 1855 Through the Early 1900s

Between 1855 and the 1920s, thousands of African Americans in the Pittsburgh region opened savings accounts with Dollar Bank.  They were laborers, ministers, teachers, soldiers, housewives, small business owners, and pioneering professionals. Learn more>>

Artists, Musicians, Entertainers and Photographers Who Were Customers, 1855 Through the Early 1900s

Pittsburgh is known for its industrial history, but the city also hosted many people in creative professions during the era of steel mills and smoke stacks. Learn more>>

Charles Colton: Founder of Dollar Bank

Colton recognized the need for a mutual bank to serve the interests of the working class - a place where they could safely deposit their money and have it invested prudently on their behalf. He persuaded 39 local business leaders to join him as incorporators of the Pittsburg Dollar Savings Institution and opened for business on July 19, 1855. Learn more >>

The Dollar Bank Historical Collection

The Dollar Bank Historical Collection contains handwritten bank ledgers from 1855 through the 1920s, as well as photographs, plat books, marketing materials and early banking machines. The collection documents more than 165 years of Dollar Bank's history.  Learn more>>

Dollar Bank in 1918

In 1918, Dollar Bank celebrated 63 years of serving the people and businesses of Pittsburgh and region. Learn more >>

Dollar Bank's Fourth Avenue Building and Lions

In its first decade, Dollar Bank experienced tremendous growth. By the end of the Civil War, the Bank was opening an average of 100 savings accounts weekly and handling more than $70,000 in transactions each week. With approval from the Board of Trustees, in April 1865 the Bank purchased several lots on Fourth Avenue between Wood and Smithfield Streets to accommodate the growth in daily operations. Learn more >>

Investing in Community, Businesses and People

As a bank focused solely on customers' needs, we at Dollar Bank strongly believe in the importance of helping local communities grow and thrive.  Throughout the years, Dollar Bank has invested in and supported the success of our communities in a variety of ways. Learn more >>

Notable Dollar Bank Customers from the Past

Learn more about some of the remarkable past customers of Dollar Bank! Learn more >>

Presidents of Dollar Bank

Only twelve presidents have led Dollar Bank since the institution's founding in 1855.  This continuity is a testament to the bank's stability and the vision of its leadership. Learn more>>

Some Heritage Center Fun Facts

Discover fun details about the Fourth Avenue building, Dollar Bank's ties to the history of Pittsburgh and more! Learn more >>

Squirrel Hill Residents Who Were Early Dollar Bank Customers

Dollar Bank depositors who were identifiable as residents of Squirrel Hill began opening savings accounts in the late 1860s, little more than a decade after the bank's founding.  Learn more>>

The St. Patrick's Day Flood of 1936

The worst flood in Pittsburgh history occurred in March 1936.  Read about how the St. Patrick's Day Flood impacted downtown Pittsburgh and, in particular, the banks located in the Golden Triangle.  Learn more>>

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