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Squirrel Hill Residents Who Were Early Dollar Bank Customers

1872 Map of Squirrel Hill

Farms and Homesteads

Squirrel Hill's pioneer settlers arrived in the mid-1700s, establishing farms and orchards and building log cabins for their homes. The area remained a rural farming community for well over another century.

Dollar Bank depositors who were identifiable as residents of Squirrel Hill began opening savings accounts in the late 1860s, little more than a decade after the bank's founding.

Annie Succop

On September 8, 1868, Annie Succop, age 13, opened a savings account at Dollar Bank. Annie's father, Ernest Succop, owned an 18-acre farm bordered on the east by what would become Beechwood Avenue by 1903. Annie's mother was Annie Pedder Succop, daughter of neighboring farmer John Pedder. 
Ernest Succop sold off parcels of the farm over succeeding decades -- about 6 acres to J.W. Geyer in the 1880s, and 11.5 acres with 900 feet of frontage on Beechwood Boulevard, for $85,000 in June 1900. One of the purchasers in 1900 was Frank C. Kohne, Annie Succop's husband. By 1903, the Forward Land Company owned most of what had previously been the Succop Farm. 
The Succop homestead itself, at 6369 Forward Avenue, remained occupied by Annie Pedder Succop until her death in 1916. The family rented it out for several years before selling it to Jacob Little for $14,000 in January 1920. Annie Succop Kohne remained a lifelong resident of the East End.

Sidney Ann English

Sidney Ann English, 27, opened her savings account with Dollar Bank in May 1869. Her father, Thomas English, owned 38 acres in Squirrel Hill. The westernmost portion of his farm bordered the Succop property. Some time between 1896 and 1899, Mr. English sold his 38 acres to Henry Clay Frick. The farm became part of the land which, after Frick's death in 1919, was bequeathed to the City of Pittsburgh as Frick Park. English Lane preserves the name of the farm family from the late 1800s.
Sidney Ann English remained a Pittsburgh resident until the 1890s, when, with her sisters Mary and Anna and brother James, she retired to a farm in Unity Township, Westmoreland County.

John C. Sneathen

Dollar Bank depositor John C. Sneathen (1871 savings account) was the oldest son of Captain John B. Sneathen, a riverman and coal merchant. The Sneathen family had three servants who lived with them at their homestead and helped maintain the house and farm. John C. Sneathen followed his father into the coal shipping business, and was also affiliated with wholesale produce sellers Thomas McGowan Company and Andrew Brothers. Mr. Sneathen taught a bible class at Emery Methodist Episcopal Church and lived on Stratford Avenue in Friendship with his wife, Jennie, and their two sons and two daughters.

Daniel Hefti

Swiss immigrant Daniel Hefti, who opened his account at Dollar Bank in 1871, was a 17-year-old laborer in Squirrel Hill's farm community. In the mid-1870s, he enrolled at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, where he studied the school's rigorous Classical Course. His classes included Greek, Hebrew and Latin, as well as geometry, algebra and astronomy. Hefti excelled at Gregorian Chant and received distinguished marks in that pursuit. He was ordained as a Benedictine monk in 1882 and joined Belmont Abbey Monastery in North Carolina.

Eleanore Hutchison

Eleanore Hutchison , who opened her account with Dollar Bank in 1875, came from a distinguished family. Her maternal grandfather was Judge William Wilkins, a former U.S. Senator and Secretary of War under President Zachary Taylor. Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania was named after him. Eleanore Hutchison's aunt on her father's side,  Eleanor "Ellen" Maria Hutchison, was married to Edwin Stanton, a lawyer who served as Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln. 

The Hutchisons had a house in the city, on Penn Avenue, and considered "Gunn's Hill," the Squirrel Hill residence, their country estate. Gunn's Hill adjoined the estate of the Wilkins family. The 100-acre Gunn (Gunn's) Hill tract was purchased by Henry Clay Frick from the Wilkins family and gifted to the City of Pittsburgh as part of Frick Park. Some time in the 1880s, Eleanore's father, James A. Hutchison, moved most of his family to Chicago. 

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