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PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions

We have created an easy-to-use digital application process. This interactive tool should greatly assist in submitting your forgiveness application and required documents. In addition, we have three short video tutorials available to help familiarize yourself with the application process.
Once you are invited to apply, you will receive a link to our site with login instructions. The platform then walks you through a five-step process and contains help windows and links each step of the way. 
Step One: Calculate Amount of Loan Forgiveness
  • Complete questions about business activities in the covered period. (Some of your data may be pre-filled.)
  • The proposed Forgiveness Amount and any remaining Forgiveness Gap will show once all information is provided.
Step Two: Upload Verification Documents Step Three: In-Review
  • After submitting your Forgiveness Request, it will be reviewed by Dollar Bank to confirm that all documents are correct and complete to support the calculations on your application.
  • This will be done within 60 days (per SBA guidance).
  • During this phase, you will not see any outstanding action items within the platform.
Step Four: Sign and Submit the Application
  • After Dollar Bank has reviewed your application, you’ll receive an e-mail asking you to electronically sign your completed application.
  • You’ll be asked to identify your business and Go to eSign.
  • In DocuSign, you’ll be prompted for an Access Code, which is the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • You must agree to use electronic records and signatures, carefully review all fields and sign the completed application.
Step Five: Processed
  • Dollar Bank will need to attest and countersign your application.
  • After this has been done, you will see a completion screen stating your application has been submitted to the SBA Forgiveness Platform.
  • The SBA has 90 days to decision and remit the forgiveness funds to Dollar Bank.
Step Six: SBA Decision
  • Once a decision has been made by SBA, we will send you a copy of the SBA Notice of Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Payment for your records.      
Need Help?

Need Help?

Contact Us:
Paycheck Protection Program Team
Dollar Bank representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.