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Through Positive Pay, Dollar Bank partners with your organization to detect and prevent check and ACH fraud. Dollar Bank’s Positive Pay service is a fraud prevention tool used to reduce your organization’s exposure to fraud by identifying and rejecting any unauthorized transactions from posting to your organization’s checking accounts. Additional control minimizes the potential of check and ACH fraud.

As your organization issues checks, a file is transmitted to Dollar Bank with check information such as check number, dollar amount, issue date and payee. If you are unable to transmit a check issue file directly, you can create and submit an issue file via Dollar Bank’s CashANALYZER® Management System. As checks are presented to Dollar Bank for payment, they are matched against the issue file. Any exceptions, including electronic checks and ACH transactions, are presented daily via CashANALYZER for further investigation and action.

  • Reduces risk of check and ACH fraud by providing timely information of suspect items
  • Reduces risk of checks clearing your account twice - once as a paper item and once as an electronic item
  • Streamline the pay/return decision process by providing a check image of the exception item, along with exception item information
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