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Check Imaging Online

You can access paid checks quickly and at any time using either of Dollar Bank’s Online Banking services. In our CashANALYZER® Management System, you can search for a particular check or select several check images to view. Then, print the front and back images of the checks you selected from your own printer.

CD ROM Check Images

Elect to receive images of your checks on a CD ROM and you’ve eliminated the need to receive your cancelled paper checks with your monthly statement. You’ll have anytime access to your check images in a convenient format that makes searching for specific checks easy. Check images stored on CD ROM also take up less storage space than paper checks.

A monthly CD ROM allows for easy access to your paid check images, right at your fingertips. Decide if you want to receive check images for specific accounts or all accounts. Available search options allow you to search by serial number, paid date or dollar amount. Other options allow you to magnify, print or fax the check images. Dollar Bank imaging software is available in a Microsoft® Windows format.

You can also request printed copies of check images (front and back) with your monthly bank statement instead of cancelled checks. 

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