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Dollar Bank offers three ways to help you prevent ACH Fraud.

ACH Notification Service

Dollar Bank will send an e-mail to a designated e-mail address (maximum of two) alerting you of an electronic withdrawal. The e-mail will include the account name, the dollar amount and the date of the transaction. You then can review the transaction in our CashANALYZER® Management System and determine if the transaction is legitimate or was not approved by you and should be rejected. To reject the item, you would simply call Dollar Bank and advise us to not honor the transaction.

ACH Debit Block

This service will place an all-debit block on accounts that will not have any ACH activity. Any and all ACH debits will be rejected to the originator. Once set-up, the service is automatic and requires nothing from you.

ACH Debit Filter

This service is ideal for those accounts that will have limited ACH debit activity. Dollar Bank will only pay ACH debits that are on an approved exception list provided by you. All other ACH debits will be rejected to the originating party. You can provide us with an updated list at any time. 

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