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The entire Private Banking team at Dollar Bank has been trained to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients. We are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals in the most effective way possible. We will conduct business at your convenience, at your home or office, or one of our exclusive and upscale Private Banking offices.

Your Private Banker offers a single point of contact for anything you need at Dollar Bank. Private Banking clients with business needs can take advantage of Dollar Bank experts in corporate and real estate lending, leasing and treasury management. Your Private Banker will act as your financial concierge, introducing the expertise you need and staying involved every step of the way.

If you already have a financial team in place, we are happy to complement their services, since Dollar Bank is not in competition with financial planners, lawyers, accountants and other advisors.

Frank Baker Frank Baker, Assistant Vice President
Phone: 412-261-7699

Bob Collins F. Robert Collins, Vice President
Phone: 412-261-8258

Mike Demarco Michael DeMarco, Vice President
Phone: 412-261-8931

Christopher Dwyer Christopher Dwyer, Vice President
Phone: 412-261-7478

William Garvey William J. Garvey, Senior Vice President
Phone: 412-261-7619

Melissa Krawczynski Melissa Reft Krawczynski, Assistant Vice President
Phone: 412-261-8288

Marc Licata Marc Licata, Vice President
Phone: 412-261-2710

Jered Pander Jered Pander, Vice President 
Phone: 412-261-7417

Della Wisnewski Della Wisnewski, Vice President
Phone: 412-261-7645

Need Help?

Need Help?

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