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What do I need to know (5 basic steps to getting a mortgage)

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Five Basic Steps to Getting a Mortgage

Step 1.  How Much House Can I Afford?

At Dollar Bank, we take the mystery out of mortgages! Our interactive mortgage calculator will help you determine how much house you can afford before and during your house shopping experience. Plug in your income and debt figures and out comes your mortgage amount. See how these numbers change with your changing financial picture.

Step 2.  Mortgage Pre-Qualification

You’re the boss with Dollar Bank’s Pre-Qualification. There’s no worrying about mortgage qualification for you, the seller or your realtor. And, you can quickly begin negotiating a great deal on the purchase of your new home!

Step 3.  Select a Mortgage

Selecting a mortgage that meets your needs is not an easy job. The challenge is choosing the mortgage that best fits your financial picture today as well as the changes that may occur in your finances over the next several years. Click More for a list of our mortgage products.  If you think you already know what you want, click Apply Now to the right to get started.

Step 4.  Mortgage Application

The mortgage application is the key to buying your new home or refinancing your existing home. We’ve simplified the application and designed it so that you can complete it all at once or save and return later.

Step 5.  Closing Information

When you reach the closing for your mortgage you’re in the home stretch! All of the tough decisions have been made and all you need to do is carefully review the documents presented to you before signing them. Click the More button to see a clear and concise explanation of this process including an explanation of the documents involved.

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Need Help?

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