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Dollar Bank’s Controlled Disbursement Account helps you maximize investment opportunities or minimize borrowing needs by providing you with the exact dollar amount of checks that will clear your account each day. This allows you to fund your account for only the amount required.

You are notified online via CashANALYZER® Management System, fax or telephone call by 10:30 AM each morning of the total amount of checks clearing your account. This allows you to calculate your daily cash position, then fund your account for the amount specified to make your investment and borrowing decisions. CashANALYZER users usually have access to images of these checks by 10:30 AM the same day the check cleared.

With Dollar Bank’s Controlled Disbursement, you can utilize your excess balances more effectively and eliminate the uncertainty of your disbursements.

  • Eliminates idle balances
  • Enables establishment of cash position at the earliest opportunity
  • Maximizes investment opportunities
  • Minimizes borrowing
  • Eliminates overdraft costs
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