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Direct deposit is a fast, safe and economical way to distribute payroll. You can pay your employees electronically using the Automated Clearing House (ACH), regardless of where their bank accounts are located. Each pay day your employees’ accounts are credited based on information transmitted to Dollar Bank via the CashANALYZER® Management System ACH Module or a file transmitted directly from your account software.

Employees have instant access to their money. No more trips to the bank. No lost or stolen checks. Payroll processing and check reconcilement costs are reduced. Learn more about how you can offer direct deposit through Dollar Bank’s Workplace Banking Program.

Pay vendors for state and federal taxes with ACH credits. Make these payments more efficiently by electronically transmitting the payments via the CashAnalyzer ACH Module. Eliminate access to your account by outside parties. Maintain control of your funds and your account by initiating transactions yourself.

  • Reduces cost and time of payroll processing
  • Eliminates cost associated with lost or stolen checks
  • Reduces float and idle funds
  • Provides employees with immediate access to funds
  • Improves cash flow forecasting – disbursements clear on the settlement date
  • Reduces cost and time of preparing and mailing checks, streamlining accounts payable activities
  • Eliminates need for third party access to accounts
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