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Electronic/ACH Transactions

Direct Deposit

Through direct deposit, employees have the benefit of access to their money without making a trip to their bank, and employers can lower payroll processing and check reconciling costs. Each pay day, employee accounts are credited based on information transmitted to their financial institutions by Dollar Bank. You can use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) function in CashANALYZER®, our online cash management system, to enter the net amount of pay for each employee and transmit the information to Dollar Bank. Funds are then transferred through the ACH system and deposited to their respective accounts. You can also pay your federal and state taxes through CashANALYZER.

ACH/EDI Reports

Receive a detailed activity report for ACH transactions to post to your accounting system. It includes additional information such as invoice numbers, payment terms, individual names, etc.

Tax Payments

Recently, some companies have been mandated to make both federal and state tax payments electronically. The primary method for doing this is through the ACH. The ACH function in CashANALYZER, our online cash management system, has an easy to use template for entering the necessary information. The file is then transmitted to Dollar Bank and to the receiving bank for processing.

Funds Concentration

Concentrating funds allows you to maximize the use of corporate funds for investment or simply increase cash flow for daily operating needs. Dollar Bank's Funds Concentration service is available through the ACH module of CashANALYZER, our online cash management system. Each of your locations can make deposits into its local bank accounts. As often as every business day, you can initiate an electronic debit from these accounts and credit your Dollar Bank account, where the funds will be available the following business day. You can access the CashANALYZER ACH function through the internet or direct dial via modem, enter the dollar amount you wish to transfer and transmit this information to the bank. Funds are then transferred through the ACH system and deposited into your account. You can also print daily reports of transfer activity, providing an excellent audit trail.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are the real time method for moving funds and their supporting information immediately between two financial institutions. These funds are moved the same day the request is made, as opposed to the one or two day delay necessary for the ACH. Dollar Bank accepts wire transfer requests online through CashANALYZER, our online cash management system, by telephone or fax.

Transfer Server

Dollar Bank's transfer server provides a secure way of transferring data to and from Dollar Bank.

  • Receive NACHA formatted ACH files for processing
  • Upload data files of a check register for Positive Pay
  • Download files of paid items for auto clearing
  • Generate Positive Pay reconcilement reports
  • Get Lock Box information with same day images
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