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Proactive Defense: Powerful Tools Help Protect Your Business from Fraud

Businesses of all sizes are targeted by fraudsters. But smart strategies can help you reduce the vulnerability of your business checking accounts and stay ahead of the scams and schemes that continue to grow more sophisticated every day.

Dollar Bank’s fraud mitigation offering combines a variety of treasury management solutions designed to protect your accounts from unauthorized transactions, including fraudulent checks and electronic transactions. Together, these solutions provide you with transparency, agility and peace of mind.


The CashANALYZER Management System offers a broad array of cash management solutions plus secure access to your bank accounts, enabling you to monitor and manage account activity 24/7.

Positive Pay

This tool reduces your exposure to check and ACH fraud by identifying and rejecting unauthorized payments. As you issue checks, a file is transmitted to Dollar Bank with identifying information. As checks are subsequently presented to us for payment, we verify their authenticity against that file and decline any exceptions.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Same-day money transfers have become a critical component of cash management for many businesses. Dollar Bank’s ACH notification service, debit block and debit filter enable you to authorize or decline these payment transactions.

Remote Deposit

Make deposits without leaving your office by using a special scanner to create and send digital images of checks. It’s fast, convenient and secure.

Business Preferred Credit Card

In addition to offering a cash back rebate on purchases, the Dollar Bank Mastercard® enables you to track and control employee spending, including setting individual spending limits. Having this transparency around purchasing activity empowers you to prevent spending abuses.

Treasury Management Solutions to Meet Today’s Challenges

At Dollar Bank, we know that the business environment keeps changing, and that having the right tools, backed by personal service, is essential to your company’s financial success. Our treasury management solutions are designed to address your cash management, risk and liquidity concerns, and to help you manage your finances with greater efficiency, control and confidence.
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