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Dollar Bank offers three business CD options.

  • Short Term CDs with maturities from seven days to six months
  • Business Investment CDs have maturities from six months to 120 months
  • 91-Day No Penalty CD includes no penalty for redemption after the first seven days

Each type and term of CD can be opened with a minimum deposit of just $2,500. Put your working capital to use for the period of time that is best for your business.

It’s Easy to Purchase CDs Online Using CashANALYZER® Management System

Eliminate trips to the bank, view current rates, select the type and term and purchase the CD with just a few mouse clicks. You choose the account that is debited for the purchase amount. The funds are automatically credited to this same account when the CD matures.

Each depositor is insured by the FDIC. And, unlike some uninsured investments, there’s never a fee for purchasing a CD.

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