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Trusteer Rapport Security Software

We are offering additional security software to protect your CashANALYZER® Management System sessions from being interrupted and personal information from being intercepted. This security software scans and cleans your CashANALYZER session for viruses. Trusteer Rapport is an additional layer of security to the antivirus or security software you already use and the security systems we use at Dollar Bank.


What does Trusteer Rapport do?

Trusteer Rapport creates a tunnel for safe communication between your computer and Dollar Bank’s system by protecting your Internet connection during every CashANALYZER session. Trusteer Rapport blocks malicious attempts to access your online account information.

What does Trusteer Rapport protect against?

Trusteer Rapport protects against access to your bank accounts and your private information through CashANALYZER. Dollar Bank has taken every step to protect against these types of threats, but the risk that is beyond our control is the computer you use to do your banking. Trusteer Rapport helps to protect against information attacks, like malware and phishing attempts, where criminals attempt to access CashANALYZER directly through your computer.

How does Trusteer Rapport make banking online secure?

When you connect to CashANALYZER at Dollar Bank, Trusteer Rapport does three main things in the background to make it extremely difficult for criminals to target you:

  • Verifies your connection to the authentic Dollar Bank CashANALYZER website as opposed to being redirected by an outsider to a fake website created by criminals.
  • Locks down communication between your computer and Dollar Bank’s website. This prevents criminals from intruding during your CashANALYZER session.
  • Protects your computer and Internet connection by creating a tunnel for safe communication with Dollar Bank, preventing criminals from using malware to steal your log-in data and tamper with transactions.

Learn more about Trusteer Rapport.

Trusteer Rapport is:

  • Available at no cost to you
  • Proven to work
  • Easy to use

Trusteer Rapport is very easy to download and install. Pop-up blockers must be disabled in order to download Trusteer Rapport Security Software. They can be enabled again after the download is complete.



  1. Click the Download Now button to install it on your computer. This only takes a couple of minutes. Watch a short video demonstrating how to install Trusteer.
  2. Click Next, Yes and Continue when prompted, until installation is complete.
  3. Once installed, a small icon will appear next to your browser’s address bar as seen in the picture below. This icon is green when you are on a website protected by Trusteer Rapport and gray when you are on a website that is not protected by Trusteer Rapport. The icon is for your information only and does not require any action from you.
  4. When you first log in to CashANALYZER after installing Trusteer Rapport, you will see a message asking you to approve the protection of your CashANALYZER login information. From this point on, Trusteer Rapport works in the background and only pops up if a security risk is identified.
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