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About ยป Dollar Bank Heritage Center

The Dollar Bank Historical Collection

The Dollar Bank Historical Collection contains handwritten bank ledgers from 1855 through the 1920s, as well as photographs, plat books, marketing materials and early banking machines.

The handwritten bank ledgers contain records of more than 400,000 savings accounts opened by Dollar Bank depositors up through the 1920s.  Customers who were able to write their name signed the ledgers.  Additional identifying information was also recorded, such as the depositor's age, place of birth, occupation and residence.

Also in the collection are cash books recording the bank's daily operating expenses.  Emerging from these ledgers are the day-to-day details of running a community bank, year after year, decade after decade, through technological changes and volatile financial cycles. 

Dollar Bank's founding documents from the 1850s are part of the Dollar Bank Historical Collection.  As the oldest bank in Pittsburgh, we are proud to have preserved these important records documenting our vibrant history.

Read more about some of the items in the Dollar Bank Historical Collection.

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