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Dollar Bank in 1918

Dollar Savings Bank, Pittsburgh PA

We offer a glimpse of life 100 years ago...highlighting the amazing history of Dollar Bank’s customers, employees and business partners.

Banking by the Numbers

In 1918, Dollar Bank celebrated 63 years of serving the people and businesses of Pittsburgh and region. Learn more >>

In Business with Other Pittsburgh Businesses

Dollar Bank chose local businesses to provide the overwhelming majority of services to the bank in 1918. Learn more >>

Speedy Communications in 1918

Then as now, running a business well depended on ease and speed of communication.  Learn more >>

Spending More on Groceries than on Advertising

From 1870 through the 1970s, Dollar Bank employees were provided free hot meals cooked fresh in the basement kitchen at Fourth Avenue.  Learn more >>

Dollar Bank Depositors in the First World War

In 1918, the headlines of Pittsburgh's three major newspapers, the Gazette-Times, the Press and the Post, were focused on the war in Europe, which the United States had entered the year before.  Learn more >>

Dollar Bank's Contributions and Community Efforts in 1918

Since Dollar Bank's founding in 1855, the bank has supported local communities of faith by helping them build houses of worship for their congregations.  Learn more >>
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